Four Things


I was pretty excited when Ashley from A Silver Twig tagged me to participate in the Four Things survey. I love these things! So fun! I found Ashley's blog after she posted the article, Why Your Crush on My Husband is Not Ok, and really loved her style. Many of her topics resonate with me, and I'm happy to have made a new 'blog' friend in Ashley! So without further ado, here's my four things!


Four names people call me:

1. Rachel

2. Mommy

3. Ray

4. RH --->I work with 2 other Rachels in a 13-person company!


Four jobs I've had:

1. Brand director at a brand licensing agency

2. Brand licensing coordinator for a major children's brand

3. Slide label girl at a large architecture firm

4. Intern in daytime television PR


Four movies I have/would watch more than once:

1. You've Got Mail --->like a zillion times actually

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation --->a holiday staple

3. Wedding Crashers --->a beloved basic cable classic

4. Despicable Me & any other animated film #momproblems


Four books I would recommend:

1. The Pillars of the Earth--->one of my all-time favorites

2. The Outlander series--->I'm knee deep in book #3

3. The Girl on the Train--->read it in under 24 hours

4. The Goldfinch--->a commitment but oh-so-good, esp. since most of it takes place in New York


Four places I have lived:

1. Old Bridge, NJ --->where I grew up

2. Manhattan --->I went to NYU

3. Jersey City --->our first apartment

4. Jersey City --->we bought an apartment in a different neighborhood


Four places I have visited:

1. Aruba --->our annual family vaca

2. Madrid, Spain---> our last big vacation before we had Penelope

3. Charleston, South Carolina --->my sisters and I took my mom for girls weekend last year

4. Tallinn, Estonia


Four places I'd rather be right now:

I'm happy where I am, but am also suffering from severe wanderlust!

1. New Orleans, LA

2. Paris

3. Napa Valley

4. being touristy in just about any city


Four Favorite Foods

1. pasta --->any variety but esp. spaghetti

2. chocolate cupcakes w/vanilla frosting

3. red wine

4. peanut butter --->on a spoon works for me


Four TV shows I watch:

1. Shameless

2. Jeopardy ---> our nightly staple.

3. Game of !@#$ing Thrones

4. Outlander


Four things I'm looking forward to in 2015:

1. Family vacations --->this year it's Aruba & Delaware

2. My sister's wedding

3. Sitting by the pool and swimming with Penelope

4. My aunt & uncle's annual PA camp out --->which reminds me, I need a new air mattress!


Four things I say all the time:

1. What is it, my love? --->when talking to Penelope

2. I can't. --->as in, I can't even. literally.

3. I love that/I hate that

4. Where's my little sweet p? --->to which Penelope responds "right here!" and I die.


Four people I'm tagging:

I hope you ladies will join in!

1. Christine @ I hate running

2. Lauren @ Keep it Sweet

3. Emily @ a nutritionist eats

4. Sues @ We Are Not Martha