my new favorite bag

Is it me or is finding a great carry-on bag virtually impossible? I've gone through so many over the years and none have really ended in a resounding 'yes!'

In preparation for my trip to Las Vegas (and other upcoming summer travel), I was really stumped about this. I'd yet to find the perfect bag to house my many in-flight necessities that also did not feel like the straps (or my shoulders) would break.

My friend Carly told me about MZ Wallace and how they have the perfect everything totes. After doing some research, this bag fit all of my criteria:

Wipeable fabric
Shoulder straps
Zip top
Limited inner compartments
Able to fit a laptop

....and is Mom-friendly, without being diaper bag-ish.

It also seemed like the perfect size and so after digging around a bit, I settled on this floral print, a Nordstrom exclusive. Typically I'd go with a neutral (aka black) when spending this sort of money on a bag, but something about the floral just got me and when I couldn't get it out of my head, I knew it was the one.

In just under two weeks, I can safely say that I love this bag so much! It was awesome on the plane and perfect for carting my notebook, snacks, supplies and change of shoes to the trade show each day. Now that I'm home, it makes a perfectly chic carry all for my and Penelope's things on a day out. I know it will also be perfect for our upcoming Aruba trip and throughout the summer. This print will also carry through the fall and really, it will work year-round.

Thanks to Carly for the tip on this awesome I'm daydreaming of other MZ Wallace shapes, sizes and colors...

What are your favorite totes, bags or carry-ons?