a wedding in Dallas

A few weeks ago - before I was sick for like a month & on a week-long work trip extravaganza - I traveled to Texas for my friend Tanuja's wedding. Tanuja and I met in college and became immediate friends. I was so so thrilled when she met and became engaged to Ravin. They are a beautiful - and truly perfect for each other - couple.

Tanuja and Ravin decided to have their wedding in Tanuja's home state of Texas (though now she is  New Yorker!) and so as soon as she told me to save the date, I had it on the calendar immediately. Some of our other best friends from college - who live all over the country - also joined for the weekend...and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't so thrilled and over the moon to be spending an entire weekend with them. So I left Shaun and Penelope home for 48 hours and set on my way for one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever attended.

Congratulations to Tanuja & Ravin! Thank you for including me in your celebrations!