What I'm...

Reading on my Kindle:
Outlander book 4. I kind of put this away for a little while but am looking forward to picking it back up in Aruba.

Reading on the Internet:
Lots of blogs, as always. My favorites of late: hello giggles, Love Taza, The Life Styled, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen


Listening to:
Nerdist podcast: favorite ep this week was the interview with Allison Janney (it actually aired a week or so ago but I'm behind)

WTF with Mark Maron's interview with President Obama. Nailed it, all around.


Shift dresses (at work, we call them bags), but I'm kind of obsessed with them! Perfect and comfy for summer.

The Comedians
Game of Thrones (so far behind from this season)
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Wanting to watch:
Jurassic World
Inside Out - we are thinking of taking P for her first movie!
True Detective (starting this weekend)

Needing to finish watching:
Orange is the New Black, season 2
The Walking Dead, last season


A lot of salad and a lot of fruit. I'd love to drop a few lbs before Aruba but there's no way I cannot enjoy summer fruit this time of year. Grapes, cherries, berries...one is better than the next!

Iced coffee, iced tea and rosé

Working on:
A blog redesign! I've been thinking about it for quite some time now and I'm finally ready to bite the bullet. I feel a little daunted by the process because I'm doing it solo, but here's hoping we will be live within the next couple of weeks.

Looking forward to:
Our trip to Aruba over July 4th! I can't wait for our vacation. I'm feeling a little burnt out these days and I know this is just what I need.

Dreaming of:
Sitting on a float in a pool with a glass of rosé, a cheese board and other unhealthy snacks nearby.
Also coffee with evaporated milk stirred in during the early morning sunrise hours on the beach in Aruba.

Your turn! What are you...this week?