life lately

hi! how are you?

I've been a little all over the place lately, so I thought today we could have a little coffee date to catch up. Life has been a little nutty over the last few weeks and so that's why I've been a little radio silent. I told you a couple of weeks ago that I was suffering from a sinus infection, and it sort of went away and came back, with a stomach virus thrown in, just for fun. I'm still battling sinus city {could it be from this semi-ridiculous weather we've been having?}, but starting to feel a bit back to normal. Here's what we've been up to lately!

penelope three porta1

A few weeks back, we celebrated Penelope's birthday with our parents and siblings with brunch at one of our favorite Jersey City spots, Porta. It was really a perfect spot for all 13 of us, the food is always solid and eclectic, and the staff was very accommodating to our large group, especially given that it was a birthday party for a 3 year old.

penelope three porta5
penelope three porta2

On Sundays, Porta has live jazz music which adds to the vibe and also provided an opportunity for some dancing. Unfortunately, this is the day that a stomach virus hit, so I didn't really enjoy much food {major bummer} but at least I was able to get it up to attend {it was dicey for a while}.

penelope three porta3

I also brought in a cake from Red Ribbon, our favorite local bakery.

penelope three porta4

Porta was super sweet about us bringing it in, though I know it's a faux pas these days. Penelope also refused to blow out the candles.

pres weekend 16 snow2
pres weekend 16 snow1

Presidents Day weekend, we went out to my aunt's cabin in Pennsylvania for the long weekend. It was really nice to really do nothing except read and do a little snow time. Temps were well below 0 so not too much time spent outside. Luckily we did get a little snow though!

valentines brownies1

At some point over the last couple weeks, we made small batch valentine's brownies from dessert for two. ugh they were so good.

feeding chickens feb1

This past weekend, we visited my other aunt for a day of seeing animals and lunch. Penelope got to feed the chickens...

feeding chickens feb3

...and help collect eggs {which we were also lucky enough to take home with us. nothing beats fresh eggs straight out of the coop!}

feeding alpacas feb1

we took her to see my cousin's alpaca and also to the local firehouse, where my other cousin is a firefighter. P refused to take photos there though, I think the trucks were a bit intimidating. It was a such a nice day and I feel really lucky to have such wonderful family.

So that's what we've been up to lately. I'm already counting down to the weekend as Shaun and I have a day date planned as well as some oscar watching with my mom on the calendar! tell me all the things about your life lately!