what i ate

I haven't done a what I ate in such a long time and so I'm psyched to share one today as part of my new eating plan.

wiaw overnight oats 3.23.16

For breakfast, I've been loving overnight oats. A huge bowl filled with oats, milk, chia, Greek yogurt, almond butter, honey and fruit (cherries in this instance). Obviously coffee on the side.

wiaw sweet potato nachos 3.23.16

I was home on Sunday, so I made some leftovers of sweet potato and mushroom tacos that we had on Friday. I just measured out my 13 tortilla scoops and loaded them up with sweet potato and mushroom filling, a little mozzarella and some guac. These felt like such a treat!

wiaw hardboiled eggs 3.23.16

For snack time, I had a hard boiled egg and a cup of strawberries. I made a huge batch of eggs to have for snacks throughout the week - and also for penelope to bring to school for her Easter party today!

wiaw lasagna 3.23.16

And dinner! So many new meals lately which has been a lot of fun. I food prepped like a boss on Sunday and so I had dinner all set and ready to go. I made whole wheat lasagna roll-ups that were filled with ricotta and winter squash purΓ©e (just a frozen pack that I defrosted and mixed with ricotta). I then rolled them up and placed them in a small baking dish, loaded them up with tomato sauce and cheese and baked it off in the evening. I served these with a side of roasted, crispy green beans. This dish was a hit!

chocolate chip energy balls

And for a snack, two dough balls!

thanks to laura for hosting today's link-up and to jenn for creating what i ate wednesday!

what have you been eating lately?

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