friday + things i'm loving lately

happy friday friends! i'm sorry it's been a little quiet around here but to be honest, i'm struggling a bit with content ideas, time to brainstorm/photograph/write, and just motivation to do all of the above. i'm not going anywhere, but need a little spark of motivation if you know what i mean! since my week was fairly low key, i thought i'd share some of the things i'm loving this week, as i love reading other bloggers' posts about that!

grace and frankie

Grace & Frankie. i blew through the first season and just loved it so, so much. i had a major girl crush on jane fonda from the get-go, but lily tomlin really stole the show as each episode went on. it follows the story of two unlikely friends whose business partner husbands leave them for each other. it's hilarious and heartbreaking with a top notch cast. i'm already counting down til season 2 in may!

john oliver and trump

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. this consistently ranks as one of our favorite weekly shows and this past week, his annihilation of donald trump was so on point that it's become it's own form of news. this is a weekly must-see in our house!

google keep

Google Keep. do you use this app? it's sort of like a more organized 'notes' app, but it syncs across devices and onto any computer you log into. i love that it organizes lists and notes like stickies, plus you can color code things! a nerd's dream come true! additionally, there is no thrill like that of banging out some notes on the train in the morning, then having them pop right up instantly on my computer once i log in. no, really.

cloud bread chili

cloud bread. have you tried it? i made a batch last weekend. it's sort of like eating air, but also sort of makes me feel like i'm eating a carb {in the best possible way}. i ran through the first batch and am going to work on perfecting it this weekend! recipe and ideas for consumption coming next week!

starbucks flat white

flat whites. i had one of these for the first time earlier this week. it's basically exactly the same thing as a latte {my majorly favorite treat these days}, but a bit more coffee flavored and a bit stronger, which i really enjoy. sometimes lattes can be a bit too milky {not that there's anything wrong with that} and it's nice to have a bit more of an espresso hit, especially in those late afternoon dragging hours.

some links for you:

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what are you loving this week?