what i ate

it's wednesday! and since i'm still working my way through the fit girls guide, i thought it would be fun to do another what i ate series. 

wiaw english muffin pbb

my go-to has been cherry overnight oats, but on this particular day, i had forgotten to meal prep (aka the worst) and didn't have time to simmer away some oats on the stovetop, let alone eat them while warm. i improvised and went with a whole grain english muffin topped with almond butter, local honey and bananas. #pb&b

wiaw artichoke grilled cheese

that hearty breakfast kept me full for a long while, and through an off-site meeting, but man was i starving by the time i made it home. this was a dinner recipe from the fit girls guide, however, it seemed super easy to whip up a single portion at home for one (working at home for the win!). it's a piece of toast topped with chopped artichokes mixed with Greek yogurt, shredded chicken and a slice of provolone cheese, all microwaved together. this was so different for me, but totally delish!

wiaw fruit plate

by snack time, i was feeling ravenous, so i made a fruit plate. chopped strawberries, sliced bananas and a scoop of crunchy pb. i try not to overdo the nut butter since it's a gateway for me, so this was a rare occurrence of having it twice in one day.

wiaw pork chops

for dinner, i've been trying to cook very low-sodium, so i found this easy mushroom topped pork chop recipe. I pan-seared the pork chops in a pan, then removed them. I sauteed the 'shrooms in the same pan, then deglazed with 1/2 C white wine. I brought that to a boil, then added 1 tsp brown mustard and mixed it all together. Pour over the chops! On the side, I made a butternut squash puree mixed with Greek yogurt. Pretty in color, but it wasn't my favorite.

i really wanted a snack, but i asked myself if i was really hungry or just craving something sweet. i decided i wasn't actually hungry, so i just went to bed instead :) i'm trying to work on this more often!

thanks to jenn @ peas & crayons for creating what i ate wednesday and to laura for hosting this week's link-up!

what have you been eating lately?