All About Downtown Street Fair in Jersey City

Recapping our fun Saturday out at the All About Downtown Street Fair in Jersey City!

On Saturday, we had so much going on, including dr's appointments. a Verizon visit, ladies evening out (for me!) and the annual All About Downtown Street Fair in Jersey City! This is one of my favorite annual festivals. Put on by HSID, the fair spans for about 1/2 mile and includes just about every food and entertainment vendor in Jersey City. We hopped on the Path over to Grove Street and spent a couple of hours eating our way through the crowds. Here are some pics if you'd like to see!

I was obsessed with this stand selling homemade jewelry.

LITM had both fried mac & cheese, and rice balls with goat cheese. Since mixing and matching wasn't an option, I went with the rice balls. They were sooooo good. Also, I'm a rice ball snob.

While P and I devoured the rice balls, Shaun chose a taylor ham (pork roll!) and cheese pinwheel pastry from Grandma Downtown. Also amazing.

For you Stranger Things fans, we really got a kick out of this tee.

Need I say more? All the bacon. It looked and smelled amazing. Shaun went with a bacon-wrapped hot dog, which I happily shared.

Kath's Catering had one non-bacon item on the menu and it was an enormous cup of freshly cut watermelon for $5. We snapped one up for P and she devoured it. So refreshing.

It wouldn't be a JC street fair without Milk Sugar Love, the beloved JC creamery, serving up organic ice cream in the most incredible flavors. 

Penelope went with a cup of their vanilla bean (seriously, the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had!) while I couldn't say no to their Fruity Pebble Mac Daddy. It's an ice cream sandwich made with 2 fruity pebble macarons as the sandwich ends and filled with ice cream, then rolled in fruit pebbles. You guys. Even the man in the truck who sold it to me was excited for me, exclaiming 'Yes!' when I placed my order. And for scale:

There were even a few little rides set up for the kids. We ran into friends from our building, which was so fun for P to have a friend to ride with.

Tiny Greenhouse had some little crafts set up for the kiddos.

One of my favorite things about Jersey City is the art scene. Incredible murals are painted all over the city by local artists.

We closed out the day with some cotton candy to go. If you follow me on snapchat (rkcannon), you may have seen P talking all about it.

It was such a fun afternoon and I just really love doing things around our city. We headed home to rest and shower up, because Mama had a big night out with the ladies that evening! Thanks to everyone who participated in the All About Downtown Street Fair and for making it so awesome!