TV I'm Loving Lately

Every now and then I love sharing what we're digging on TV. It's my favorite medium, and one of my ultimate favorite past-times. Here's what we've been watching this summer!

Stranger Things
This is the kind of show that I want to barrel through because I just NEED to know what happens next, but I also feel the need to savor each episode and not rush things because it's going to leave a wide gaping hole once it's over. We are 4 episodes in and I'm wondering how I'll make it through our weekend away without getting to watch. The acting is stellar (welcome back Winona Ryder! Eleven, can I take you home with me to hang?). Part goonies, part gremlins, part Fringe, full love letter to the 80s, I highly recommend this one, though it's not for the faint of heart.

Mr. Robot
This is our other summer show obsession. I've had real fomo about not having watched this last summer when it was touted as the show of the summer, So one night as we were surfing through the myriad of tv options, we decided to give it a go. Another instantly binge worthy show. It's super dark, very weird and quite disturbing at times, and I not-so-secretly love those kinds of shows. Rami Malek is just so amazing in his nuance and um, hi - Christian Slater! Another early 90s star comeback!!! Still a heartthrob at 47. Just sayin'. Also: Coney Island is like a third star of the show and it's glorious.

best pic from the olympics. 

best pic from the olympics. 

Rio Olympics
This really took up a lot of our August. We watched intently every evening, though I have to say my favorite were the swimming events. I still love gymnastics - also special side note - Laurie Hernandez is from my hometown! - but I just really got into the swimming. Perhaps because summer and swimming go hand-in-hand, or because I was also a varsity swimmer in high school, OR because I was so into P learning to swim this summer, I was totally riveted by Katie, Michael and the rest.

Match Game
Yep. We've been watching this all summer as our fall-asleep-to-in-bed go to show. It's just funny enough and at times they have some great celebrity guests - my favorites are Titus Burgess (why can't he just be a series reg?) and Rosie O'Donnell. I just love her. Plus, Alec Baldwin hosts and he knows he's too good for it, and yet he's still funny and charming and I'm just a big fan. Also realizing my love for older men.

What are you loving on TV these days? Next up on our list are The Night Of and getting back into Ray Donovan!