Positively Bleecker Street: A Night at The Bitter End

In between vacationing at the Jersey shore and starting my new job (aka finding new ways to support my American Apparel obsession), I attended a friend's concert at the legendary music club in the Village, The Bitter End. In the grand tradition of Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne (one of my all time faves), and Woody Allen, a band by the name of Crooked Crow rocked out on August 22 as the opener for a night of musical fun. If for some reason you've lived in or around New York but have apparently been living under a rock and have therefore never heard of The Bitter End, you can get the lowdown here. And I highly recommend it. A teeny music venue, with two-drink minimum and tight tables in the way of a late night comedy club, live music doesn't get more intimate than this. Plan your night properly, and you may even spot a celebrity or two (MLP, didn't you notice that we were dressed almost identically? You got your LBD at H&M too, right?).

A rock band with a classic twist, DC-area band Crooked Crow has played multiple venues in New York City, in addition to New Jersey, Virginia, and, of course, Washington, D.C. High energy and always a crowd-pleaser, Crooked Crow features four members: Bruce Parker (lead vocals), Kyle Jackson (seriously rockin' drummer), Bryan Symmes (lead guitar), and Jamie Rasmussen (bass guitarist and husband of long-time BFF, Jen). Read up about them and upcoming shows (like Bar Saints & Sinners in Hoboken on September 11) here. Check out some video footage from The Bitter End below.

In preparation for my night at The Bitter End, I felt it only necessary to download some Bob Dylan for my 'getting ready' music. Consequently, I've had Positively 4th Street in my head ever since. I'm ok with it. The night was positively awesome.