Grasshopper Pudding Cups


You know something crazy is going on when I get two recipe posts up in one week! That crazy thing is that Penelope has been loving cooking lately. Our weekends have been filled with food prep and some of my very favorite moments from this past weekend were spent with P sitting on our kitchen island helping me cook. I will happily cook all the time if she is into it.

And amazingly, there's been a shift lately. I've noticed that when Penelope helps cook, she is then excited to eat the finished product. This is music to my ears since we've certainly had our rough patches with getting her to eat in the past. In fact, the last two weekends she's helped make soup and then would proceed to eat two full bowls of it. I'd call that a major parental win and I'm hoping that this keeps up!

On Sunday morning, P wanted to make something so I thought we'd try some instant pudding. I only had the powdered sugar free fat free kind which really wouldn't be my first choice of desserts to feed my child but it's what we had and we had a lot of fun making it together. I decided to make these grasshopper puddings and dye the vanilla pudding green for St Patrick's Day, and then I thought this would be a great 'recipe' for Baby Talk Tuesday since it's so easy for kids to help. And watch the mystification on their face when the pudding turns green. Penelope was positively enthralled.

Grasshopper Pudding Cups
1 pkg instant vanilla pudding
1 pkg instant chocolate pudding
4 C fat free milk
1/4 tsp peppermint extract
4-5 drops green food coloring
Whipped cream topping, if desired

In a mixing bowl, whisk together the vanilla pudding mix and 2 cups of milk. Add food coloring and whisk for 2 minutes until it thickens.

In another bowl, whisk the chocolate pudding mix and remaining 2 cups of milk until it begins to thicken. Add peppermint extract and continue whisking until 2 minutes have passed in total.

Let both bowls of pudding soft set in the refrigerator. Once set, layer the pudding into individual cups or a large trifle dish. Top with whipped topping and enjoy!

Kid-approved tasks:
Pour pudding mixes into bowls
Help pour milk
Help whisk
Lick whisk --->I told Penelope this is why being the chef is awesome because you get to lick the bowl.

So that's it. I wouldn't even call this a recipe, just getting creative with my kiddo in the kitchen. And it's simple and fast enough that you could totally squeeze this in tonight for St. Patrick's Day!


Do you have any plans for tonight? I have a corned beef slow cooking in beer at home and will be adding some cabbage, carrots and potatoes when I arrive home! And of course, a little Irish soda bread on the side!

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Gorgeous Evening

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Yesterday was a positively gorgeous day. It was sunny, about 70 degrees and slightly breezy. It was, dare I say...perfection.

In the NY/NJ area, we really only get like a handful of these days each year. Generally, the weather is either too warm and humid or too cold and windy. To have a perfect day is one to be savored.

So when I arrived home (and it was still light out! yeah daylight savings!!) last night, Shaun and I decided to hit the streets for a nice long walk around the neighborhood.




The streets of Jersey City were bustling! Everyone was out enjoying the weather.


We headed up toward the Path station and I couldn't help but stop at McDonald's for a....Shamrock Shake!


I've actually never had one before and have been obsessing over it for the last week (although the commericals are so annoying and make women look dumb...oh well). I finally just decided that I needed to see what all the hype was know, for research purposes.


Verdict? It was super sweet (no problem there!) and refreshing but I wish it was just a little more minty. Ah well. Still a nice treat for a Tuesday evening :)

Today is supposed to be almost as beautiful outside so I'm excited to wear a spring coat today! Hope you all are having beautiful weather this week!


Questions of the Day:

What's your favorite thing to do in the warm weather? I love just being out and about, or having dinner or glass of wine out on the terrace!

Shamrock shake...yay or nay?


Oh and if you want to make your own Shamrock Shake...check out my healthy mint shake!

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