What I'm Pop Culturing This Week...and the Last Few

What I'm Watching...on DVD
After finishing Dexter, Season 1, I burned straight through Dexter, Season 2. Though perhaps not for the uber-squeamish (he is a blood-obsessed serial killer after all), the show keeps up the 'need - to - see - next - ep - immediately - because - I - need - to - know - how - Dex - is - getting - out - of - this - one' urgency. And honestly? That's all I'm asking for. The impeccable (and post-Six Feet Under made over and now v. attractive) Michael C. Hall makes the blood-thirsty Dexter sympathetic while adorable Jennifer Carpenter as Dex's sister (and real-life wife of Michael C. Hall) brings humor as crass, foul-mouthed Deb. The mysteries remain compelling and the stories are tightly woven...meaning I will likely continue onto Dexter, Season 3 as soon as possible.

What I'm Watching...on TV
The end of Top Chef: Masters has brought a new personal obsession with Rick Bayless and a new season of Top Chef, this time from Las Vegas. Though the contestants this season seem like social misfits (and not one bit of eye candy for men or women), I can't help but watch, if only for Padma's kickin' wardrobe and Tom Colicchio's cool. Here's hoping that it picks up steam a little. Meanwhile, my Barefoot Contessa obsession remains strong. Fall TV cannot come fast enough.

What I'm Reading...on Kindle
Essentially nothing right now. I ask you, kind readers, for some good book recommendations. I don't discriminate between genres, so all suggestions are welcome! I have gotten into a bad habit of leaving books half-read when they aren't holding my interest (Three Cups of Tea, The Alchemist by Michael Scott). Help!

What I'm Pop Culturing This Week

In between tasting foods all over the city (and subsequently hitting up the gym to work off the poundage), I have a burning need to get my pop culture fix. Since the television season has wound down, I have more free time for things like writing, reading, and dvd-watching. Here's my current week in pop culture.

What I'm Watching...on DVD:
True Blood, Season 1...While I have read all (and I mean all) of the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vamp series, I currently do not get HBO and therefore am a bit behind on watching the series-based show. I anticipated the DVD for what seemed like ages and as I await disc 4 from Netflix, True Blood has not disappointed (though the casting for Eric certainly has). Today, I'll be running home to my mailbox hoping Bill, Jason, and Lafayette (the latter of whom I just can't get enough of) will be waiting for me. Meanwhile I'll fight to get that disturbingly, awesomely kickin' theme song and opening out of my head...

What I'm Watching...on TV:
Top Chef Masters...Aside from my irrational Food Network obsession, June has brought little in the way of good TV. That's why I'm psyched for Top Chef Masters on Bravo. While a much different format than the original Top Chef, as a budding foodie I'm impressed by the ridiculousness of the master chefs featured. Even the judges can't say anything bad because...well, because all of the chefs make incredible food. A great way to see rockin', well known chefs compete for donations to the charity of their choice and learn about their fancy restaurants. The only downside? Not getting to taste Hubert Keller's dorm room mac 'n cheese.

What I'm Reading:

The Pillars of the Earth...A book by Ken Follett that, on paper, I'd generally have no interest in whatsoever - Medieval times, monks, battle armor, political hierarchies. While historical fiction has never been my cup of tea and I only started reading Pillars because many fellow officemates were raving (and it was a mere $6.39 on Kindle), it has done nothing but keep me totally into the story the whole way with phenomenally written characters and intense, arson-filled plotlines. It's a lengthy read but when a book is this good, I only want more so bring on the pages!

That's about all I can squeeze into this week. Any pop culture recommendations are welcome!