Cute Valentine's Day Things

Am I the only one who seriously cannot get enough of Valentine's Day things? I don't actually love the 'holiday' or even necessarily celebrating (though a nice dinner at home is always welcome for the occasion), but I do love all things red and hearts. Yes I'm a marketer's dream, but at least I know and admit that's something, right? 

This week I had a lot of fun daydreaming about owning a home where we could decorate for holidays beyond Christmas, and of course, to store all of the goods. Though that's not in the cards right now, I plan to pick up a few things at Target this weekend to decorate Penelope's room. The dew drop lights and this wreath are calling my name (this wreath also). And for me? I'm really crushing on the heart mug and platter set. If I'm feeling splurgy, I may even get a pair of the tassel drop earrings because ughhhh they are too adorable. Do you also have a weird love for Valentine's Day things? What are you eyeing? In other news, I'm also eyeing some homemade desserts...stay tuned...

TBT + Are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

Though I love all things red and pink for Valentines Day, we typically don't do much for the occasion. Last week we had a date night and this weekend we will be snowmobiling with my sisters, future BIL, cousins, aunt and uncle. So probably not so romantic this year. For the last couple of years we've just made good steaks and enjoyed wine and dessert at home. That's a great Valentine's in my opinion! We were never into the big dinner out where restaurants are overcrowded and menu prices and jacked out the wazoo (is that a phrase?) just for this one day. Although last week's date night definitely gave me a hankering to go out for a nice dinner again soon :)

We also don't exchange gifts, save for cards and maybe a candy bar or two. This year, I have a few sweet valentine shirts for P and she'll be getting a Sofia the First toy mailbox filled with pocky, stickers and other trinkets (--->why are kids Valentine's treats so adorable? Curse you Target One Spot).

I also may be enjoying a brownie batter doughnut tomorrow in honor of the holiday. Just sayin'.


Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What's your favorite way to celebrate?


tbt above: last year/cherry oatmeal cookies/blood orange loaf cake/cinnamon sugar pretzels/red velvet oreo cheesecakes