Four Years

Four years ago, Shaun and I got married.

We had an amazing wedding weekend in Aruba, filled with lots of family and friends. We spent our days lounging, celebrating, drinking and jumping off a dock into the cool blue water. Four years has flown by in a flash and I can wait to see what the next 40 bring to us!


and 4 years later...

Happy Four Years, my love! Here's to 100 more.

Lately I've Been...

Last week was spent lying on either a float in the ocean or a lounge chair under a chickee here:


It was our annual trip to Aruba, where Shaun and I have a time share. My whole family went on the trip and it was a wonderful, relaxing week in paradise.

I drank coffee with evaporated milk. A rare, annual indulgence that I could never justify in real life.

I ate giant Dutch pancakes with stroop, pineapple and shaved coconut.

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary a few days early (our actual anniversary is tomorrow). Here's a shot of us last year, on our 3rd anniversary:


I read Skinnydipping by Bethenny Frankel. Praise the lord for beach reads.

And started Gone Girl (which I keep calling Girl Gone). Anyone else reading this one? 

And most importantly, I rocked some Essie Mesmerize. And yes...that's my super pasty white leg in there, of which Shaun asked me if I was holding a white eggplant in this photo. #fail.


So that's why I abandoned you for over a week. I'm sorry! I just couldn't get it up to blog last week. A true vacation was so desperately needed. I'm back and ready to get down to business :) I hope you all had a seriously wonderful Independence Day!


Questions of the Day:

Do you have any vacations planned for the summer?

How did you spend July 4th?