My Surprise Baby Shower


I'm still whirling from my gorgeous surprise baby shower on Sunday afternoon. Somehow, all of my friends and family (including Shaun) managed to keep this from me for a very long time...and it resulted in a giant surprise for me and Baby H.


Though I thought that my mom and sisters would be planning something at some point, I had no idea what it was or when it would be. I had suspicions about this weekend since my sister Christine is home from college for the holiday week.

They did a great job of throwing me off and ultimately surprising me though :)

We had planned to go out for brunch on Sunday morning with Shaun's brother Steve and his wife Katy. I thought that if anything, perhaps that would be the surprise shower. But brunch (a delicious and fun one at that!) came and went and before I knew it, we were back at home. I was about to change back into my sweats and settle in for the Jets game!

But when Steve and Katy went to leave, Shaun suggested that we walk them out to the front lobby - something that we usually do when we have guests. As we walked toward the front of the building, Shaun and Steve made a turn into the building's party room...and then I figured it out. I walked in to tons of family and friends, all camera-ready, smiling and I just couldn't believe it. So overwhelming in the best possible way!


There were tons of family, friends, gifts and no detail was left unturned.

My mom, sisters and mother-in-law put together quite a spread for everyone!


With colors in light pink and purple for baby girl, they thought of everything.

Platters of bagels with various cream cheeses, jams  and egg salad...


My mom made individual bananas foster tarts...coated in syrup...just the way I like it!


Assorted mini muffins (of which I sampled many)...


A gorgeous dessert table with a cake, cookies, M&M's,  party favors, cheesecake and more!



My sister created the invitations from Tiny Prints...seriously how cute are they?! And they totally go with Baby TAA's nursery colors!


They also put togeter a board for guests to leave advice for Shaun and me as new parents. Many of them brought tears to my eyes and on most the message was clear: Give lots of love, hugs and kisses and enjoy the entire ride!


My mom and aunt built this amazing diaper cake with lots of little fixtures. If I ever actually break it down for use, I can't wait to find something to do with the beautiful purple and pink ribbon.


And my cousin Alyson built this adorable little diaper motorcycle! How cute is that?! I already have a spot for it on the yet-to-be-hanged white LACK shelves I have...


The amount of gifts was totally unbelievable!


My sisters and cousins helped me get through all of them in a timely manner. If it were up to me, I'd sit and savor every single one on the spot...though I guess that's not so fun for all of the guests :) My sisters also gifted us with our car seat/stroller combo. It's the Chicco Cortina Travel System in Azura, in case you are wondering...I'm totally in love with the color.


We received 'Baby Divided' bibs from my great friend Kristen...Giants/Jets and Yankees/Mets since we are a two-family household.


And she also sewed this incredible quilt for us...her first big sewing project and I'm so honored and basically speechless over what this means to me.

...and about a million other incredible outfits, baby gear and accessories, diapers...just about every last thing we'll need for our baby girl!

Luckily, I remember to get some photos in with friends and family before the day ended! Here are just a few...

My amazing mom and me...I just hope that I can be anywhere close to the bar that she has set for being a mom. She is truly the full of love...she goes above and beyond for my sisters and me...and that doesn't even begin to describe how much she does for us!


The grandma's-to-be! My mom, mother-in-law and me...couldn't ask for anything better :)


Some of my beautiful girlfriends, Nicole, Kristen, Jess and Jen...who came up from Virginia to be there!



My sisters Christine and Kimberly with my cousin Alyson and me! Thanks to Alyson for taking hundreds of photos during the party!


My dad's side of the family...Rebecca, Vicky, Taylor, Gabriella and these ladies!


My sweet cousin Veronica and me! Thank you for keeping all of my gifts and corresponding cards organized!


Back to my mom's aunt Janet & Diane and Alyson with my mom and sisters! Almost 3 generations!

Unfortunately I did not get photos with always, the day flew by in a flash and before I knew it, guests were wrapping up and heading out.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out, gave/sent amazing gifts, wished us well or were there in spirit...Shaun and I are SO lucky to have you all in our lives and cannot wait for Baby H to get here and meet all of these wonderful people!