I'm sorry but I just can't...

Last week I started reading Pride & Prejudice, as part of my 'read 5 classic novels' before I turn 30.


This week, I stopped reading it.

Please don't hate me.

I just couldn't get through it.


Here's the thing.

When I read, I need something that grips me from the start and doesn't let up. My reading time primarily takes place during my ride to and from work. I have 15 minutes on a packed train both ways. For me, I need books that not only hold my interest, but ones that I cannot WAIT to crack open when I get on the train. Books that will keep me completely occupied as I try desperately not to clutch the dirty, diseased handles, while someone inevitably breathes on me, and I try to ignore the fact that sweat is trickling down my face.

Sadly, Pride & Prejudice just wasn't cutting it.

I'm not saying that I'll never finish it. Just not now. Perhaps I'll relegate it to my weekend reading and give it a try then. Oh and please don't hate me...I know that many of you recommended it and loved it so I feel badly kicking it to the curb. I even debated whether or not to tell you or just let a lot of time go by and hope that no one noticed that I never mentioned it again...but I can't do that. I still love you! :)

Instead, I took a recommendation from Christine and went with Delirium by Lauren Oliver. She proclaimed that it was her favorite dystopian series since The Hunger Games and so how could I NOT read this book?!

I started it yesterday and I'm already hooked. Here's the synopsis from BarnesandNoble.com:

Love. The deadliest of all deadly things: It kills you both when you have it and when you don’t.

In Lauren Oliver’s stunning second novel, love has been declared a dangerous disease, and the government forces everyone who reaches eighteen to have a procedure called the cure. Lena Haloway is very much looking forward to being cured and living a safe, predictable life. But then she meets enigmatic Alex, who lives under the government’s radar. What will happen if they do the unthinkable and fall in love?


Ok so it's for ages 14 and up. But I don't care. I'm into young adult novels! So there!

If you are interested in reading it with me and subsequently discussing it, I'll set a date of April 3 (Tuesday) for the discussion. That's 3 weeks away!


Questions of the Day:

What are you reading right now?

What types of books do you gravitate toward?

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Five Things Friday

It's another Five Things Friday. How did it get here so fast? Time flies when you are having fun! Here are five things I'm digging this week!

Reuniting with Christine Bean.

I haven't seen her in two months and it is n.o.t. o.k. I miss my sister! She makes me proud every single day with her THON work and I just miss her when she is away. I'm so happy to be together with both of my sisters this weekend!

Spotted self-tie blouse.

I picked up this little number for my trip to the ABQ. I think it’s so pretty and though I often do not find F21 clothing to be flattering on my frame, I kinda sorta fell in love with this one. I will be pairing it with dark 7 for all Mankind flares, cowboy boots and big hoop earrings for the rehearsal dinner tonight.



 Heat Rises, the novel.

Any Castle fans out there? Call me super cheesy, but I am so into the Richard Castle books. To give you some background, Richard Castle is Nathan Fillion’s character on the show Castle. He plays a mystery writer and tags along with the smart and gorgeous homicide detective Kate Beckett in order to research for his novels. She is his muse, and he bases a whole book series on her alter ego, Nikki Heat. In a genius move by ABC, they actually publish these books for fans to read. Do you follow? The books follow the alter ego’s of everyone on the show, including Castle himself, written as Jameson Rook, a snazzy, charming and {obviously} ruggedly handsome journalist who just so happens to be crushing on Nikki Heat. Anyhow, I totally dig these books because they are legitmately good mystery books, whether you watch the show or not!



Our new favorite show, The Walking Dead, started back up on Sunday evening. Man oh man how I love this show! I found it gripping from the first five minutes of the first season, and the second season opener did not disappoint. I am soooo into it. Perhaps into it enough to go with zombies as this year's Halloween costume of choice? I just might base my zombie costume on this creeptacular zombie girl from The Walking Dead. Ack, I have nightmares everytime I see this image...

Falling asleep in a big cozy bed after a long day.

I'm spent from sightseeing and limited sleep last night. I'm barely keeping my eyes open as I type this post. There is no better feeling than being 100% completely exhausted and snuggling up next to the one you love.

Have a great weekend everyone!

What are you loving this week?