It's {not} my party, but I'll find favors if I want to

There is nothing that I love more than a good party. Seeing friends and family, whipping up delicious dishes and just kicking's a wonderful way to spend a Saturday, don't you think?

Next week we will celebrate my cousin's engagement at my parent's house. When my mom mentioned that they were brainstorming some food-themed party favors, I couldn't wait to push my way into get in on the fun. You may recall the truffle extravaganza that I helped Lindsey with for her engagement fun!

I think food-themed favors are such a wonderful idea. Guests can enjoy them post-party and also eliminate trinket clutter. While looking around the web, I stumbled upon some truly fabulous and adorable party favor ideas that could easily be DIY'd and adapted for any party.

Red & Blue Taffy via Kara's Party Ideas

So chic and lovely. I adore the playful taffy and the color combo is so bold and different.

Red Velvet Cupcake Jars via cakies

Such a fun twist on the traditional cupcakes, and a lot easier to tote along for the ride home. I heart.

M&M-filled Glass Bottles via Haute Apple Pie

These ladies think of every detail for a party. A sweet label on the front adds the perfect touch to these adorable favors.

Butterscotch Moustache Pops via VintageConfections (Etsy)

I mean...could these be any more fun? Or cute? Not to mention the great photo ops.

S'mores Boxes via

I adore everything about this. I love the idea of DIY s'mores and there is something so pretty and sophisticated about a basic brown takeaway box with twine.

Mini Limoncello Bottles via My DIY Wedding

Such a fun and different idea. But, the real beauty here is the contrasting blue label tied with grass ribbon. Bellissimo.


Homemade Truffles (from Lindsey's Engagement Party!)

These were a bit of work, but came out oh-so-fun and special. I love.


Cookie Mix in Glass Jars via Bakerella

Everything she does is beautiful and chic, and these are no exception. How adorable?! Isn't everything prettier in a glass jar?



So there you have it. Some favors that I would love to receive at any party (so please invite me). I cannot wait to try DIY'ing some of these for parties over the next year!

Questions of the Day:

What's your favorite kind of party favor?

Have you ever DIY'd something fantastic to give out at a party?


psst...Kimberly is blogging all about finding that post-vaca motivation on The Peach & The Pit! Head over to share your tips!

The Icing on the Cake

Everyone's heard of 'doctoring' up a boxed cake mix. I think that what it really comes down to is the frosting. Am I alone in my distaste for canned frosting? I'll admit, I have dabbled in straight-out-of-the-can style frosting, and the one flavor I'm okay with on cake is chocolate. And trust me, it's not like I would refuse it if presented in front of me. But in my opinion, real frosting is the only way to go, even on a boxed cake mix. And honestly? It couldn't be easier. If you recall my Key Lime in the Coconut Cupcakes, you may also recall my rant for the love of good frosting. It's just a necessity. And once you realize how easy it is, I'm confident that you'll feel similarly.

As a treat at my holiday cocktail party, I whipped up some mini chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate frosting. My sister Kimberly provided the adorable snowman mini cupcake wrappers and decorations and they were the perfect vehicle for a holiday treat and mini-sized for a perfect cocktail party food. Using Betty Crocker's SuperMoist Devil's Food chocolate cake mix and a mini muffin tin, I was on my way to the perfect confection. For the frosting, I consulted The Cupcake Deck by Elinor Klivans and her recipe for White Christmas Cupcakes. Though the cake part called for a vanilla cake batter, what can I say? I'm a sucker for chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. So that's what I made.

White Christmas Cupcakes Frosting
3 oz white chocolate, chopped (I use Baker's chocolate)
1/4 C (1/2 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature (leave it out of the fridge the night before)
4 oz cream cheese, at room temperature (leave it out of the fridge the night before)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/2 C powdered sugar

Melt the chopped white chocolate (for a handy tutorial on this, check out this article). Place in large bowl and with electric mixer (I use my red stand mixer, but a hand mixer will also be just fine) add the butter, cream cheese, and vanilla to chocolate and beat on low until smooth, about 1 minute. Add the powdered sugar, mixing until the frosting is smooth and fluffy. I like to beat the frosting longer than suggested, since I like it super smooth and super fluffy. Once finished, dress your cupcakes with the frosting, give 'em a taste test, and vow to never go back to the canned stuff. See? I told you it was super easy!

So what are your thoughts on the frosting sitch? Love the canned stuff? Hate it? Are you willing to give the homemade frosting a try? I'd love to hear your thoughts!