Five Things Friday

Another week has come and gone, and that means it's Friday! Woo hoo! And Friday {aside from equalling only 10 more hours until freedom} means Five Things!

Pumpkin Bars.

These bars are oh-so-moist, pumpkiny and perfect for the season. I made them for our Halloween party, but these would also be a perfect Thanksgiving dessert. I can't wait to share the recipe with you next week!


The Little Things: An Update.

I started Julie's challenge almost 30 days ago, and I haven't given you an update since then! Though I had originally planned to be all cute and make a sweet jar filled with gorgeous paper clippings of Little Things, somehow a month has passed and I haven't yet done it. I realized the utilitarian route was better for me so I started keeping a Google documents spreadsheet {you can say it...Nerd Alert!} for my little things.

Here's a few from the list:

Having a great hair day

Perfect autumn weather & a bon fire!

Spending a day sewing with my mom

A solo night at home = cheese & crackers for dinner and Parenthood catch up sesh!


Planning a Thanksgiving dinner.

Next weekend, we are having a mini-pre-Thanksgiving dinner with a couple of friends. I adore Thanksgiving food and am excited to get some sampling in before the big day, which we spend with our families! I also love planning parties and hosting, so I've been hard at work on the details.


Autumn Wreath candle, Yankee Candle.

I picked up this guy at Bed Bath & Beyond (with a coupon!) and have been lighting it every evening. It makes our entire home smell like warm autumn though I roasted a turkey, baked a pumpkin pie, lit a fireplace and cuddled under a blanket. You know, if all of that shared one gorgeous scent.

Essie's Poor Little Rich Girl

Though this is an older color in Essie's arsenal, it's one of my favorites for Fall (and you can still get it at drug stores or via It's perfectly red and has just a small bit of wild flair. I will be painting my nails this weekend!

So there you have Five Things for this Friday! I hope you all have a truly fantastic weekend!

Quesitons of the Day:

What are you loving this week?

What is your favorite scent?

Five Things Friday

It's another Five Things Friday. How did it get here so fast? Time flies when you are having fun! Here are five things I'm digging this week!

Reuniting with Christine Bean.

I haven't seen her in two months and it is n.o.t. o.k. I miss my sister! She makes me proud every single day with her THON work and I just miss her when she is away. I'm so happy to be together with both of my sisters this weekend!

Spotted self-tie blouse.

I picked up this little number for my trip to the ABQ. I think it’s so pretty and though I often do not find F21 clothing to be flattering on my frame, I kinda sorta fell in love with this one. I will be pairing it with dark 7 for all Mankind flares, cowboy boots and big hoop earrings for the rehearsal dinner tonight.



 Heat Rises, the novel.

Any Castle fans out there? Call me super cheesy, but I am so into the Richard Castle books. To give you some background, Richard Castle is Nathan Fillion’s character on the show Castle. He plays a mystery writer and tags along with the smart and gorgeous homicide detective Kate Beckett in order to research for his novels. She is his muse, and he bases a whole book series on her alter ego, Nikki Heat. In a genius move by ABC, they actually publish these books for fans to read. Do you follow? The books follow the alter ego’s of everyone on the show, including Castle himself, written as Jameson Rook, a snazzy, charming and {obviously} ruggedly handsome journalist who just so happens to be crushing on Nikki Heat. Anyhow, I totally dig these books because they are legitmately good mystery books, whether you watch the show or not!



Our new favorite show, The Walking Dead, started back up on Sunday evening. Man oh man how I love this show! I found it gripping from the first five minutes of the first season, and the second season opener did not disappoint. I am soooo into it. Perhaps into it enough to go with zombies as this year's Halloween costume of choice? I just might base my zombie costume on this creeptacular zombie girl from The Walking Dead. Ack, I have nightmares everytime I see this image...

Falling asleep in a big cozy bed after a long day.

I'm spent from sightseeing and limited sleep last night. I'm barely keeping my eyes open as I type this post. There is no better feeling than being 100% completely exhausted and snuggling up next to the one you love.

Have a great weekend everyone!

What are you loving this week?


Five Things Friday

How did Friday get here so fast? I'm not complaining :) I am ready for a gorgeous Fall weekend! It's another Five Things Friday, goes!

New haircut.

Last night Kimberly and I got our hair did at Bumble & Bumble. I only go for haircuts like twice a year so I splurge on a good one. Not only is this a lasting cut, but I heart the salon for its chic New York loft vibe, the floor to ceiling windows with gorgeous views.


Impromptu mid-week girls night with Kristen.

Shaun and Kristen's husband Ryan play basketball together, so Kristen came over to hang out! Yay!


Pumpkin mini-muffins + lite vanilla bean ice cream.

Kristen was so thoughtful and brought over some muffins that she had made. They really tasted just like pumpkin pie!



Finishing the Fever series.

I read like a maniac to get through these! Such a fun and easy read. Not the most well-written books I've ever read, but when I can't put a book down (or find myself up past midnight on a school night to get 'er done), I know it's worthy time spent. Side note: I have plans to revamp the book club page! I'm also on the hunt for new book reco's so send 'em my way! Oh and if you want to follow me on Goodreads, you may do so here.



Leopard print flats.

I'm on the hunt for a cute pair. I found these and can't decide if they are adorable or hideous. Any suggestions for some cute ones?

So that's what I'm digging this week! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Questions of the Day:

What are you digging this week?

What are your plans for the weekend?