Hi, I'm Rachel.

A few years ago I could barely boil water.

True story.

Determined to be a kick ass wife, I developed a love for football and learned to cook in my tiny Jersey City kitchen. I spend my days working in Manhattan, my nights and weekends chasing after a rambunctious toddler, and the hours in between cooking with my husband and feeding my TV habit...oh, and I blog about it all! 

Welcome to my world!

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Halloween Playlist

I don't know about you, but I always find that a good playlist can not only make or break a party, but also a regular day. I love getting into the holiday spirit with a solid playlist to amplify my morning walk to the office, or to stream quietly on my computer at work. It makes a simple day feel all the more special. I scoured Spotify and my own music library to put together what I think is a pretty solid Halloween playlist and I hope you'll weigh in with some additions. Of course, many of these songs are not actually Halloween-centric, but I kind of like that even more since it feels moody and no too 'themey'. I hope you enjoy!



What would you add to a Halloween playlist?


*Updated to note: For Time Warp & Over at the Frankenstein Place, I highly recommend The Rocky Horror Show: The New Broadway Cast recording. It's updated and awesome and features Daphne Rubin-Vega (for all of you Rent fanatics like myself). Considering this show had little to no plot line, it was just a super, super fun Broadway show and one of my favorites!



Salted White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn

Sweet, salty and super simple, this popcorn is tossed with candy corn, sprinkled with coarse salt and drizzled with white chocolate! It's a perfect Halloween treat!


 Why are sweet and salty things so awesome?

Seriously, I could eat just about any sweet and salty combination.

A few years ago, my aunt and uncle gifted us with a popcorn machine. At the time, I had no idea how much we would absolutely adore this appliance. It's become one of my favorite items in my kitchen! It makes a night on the couch feel special, while it's also a really fun item for parties.



Shaun and I will often make a batch with lots of kosher salt and devour it on the couch with a glass of wine. I find that freshly popped popcorn is perfect just this way, but I do love the occasions when I can dress it up with some fancy mix-ins. With Halloween approaching and candy corn on the brain, this is a super simple yet festive treat that can easily be added to any party menu!


I don't really love candy corn, but I do really like it in this popcorn mix. It adds a nice texture and a super hit of sweetness. Combined with the drizzled white chocolate, it does border sweetness overload, however, the coarse salt balances it all out.

If you have a party this coming weekend, I highly recommend this popcorn mix! And if you plan to stay in with a horror movie and a cocktail, well, it's perfect and easy enough for that occasion as well!


Salted White Chocolate Candy Corn Popcorn

8 C popped popcorn

4 oz white chocolate

1 tsp vegetable oil

1 bag candy corn

1 tsp kosher salt, or other coarse salt

Place popped popcorn on a baking sheet in a single layer. Drop candy corn all over the top. Set aside.

Chop the white chocolate and place in a microwave-safe bowl. Add vegetable oil. Microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each. Once melted, drizzle over the popcorn. I find that the tines of a fork serve as a perfect 'drizzler'. If you have already salted your popcorn, then it may be salty enough as is. If not, sprinkle salt all over the top of the popcorn. Let set up, break apart, and serve in a big bowl. To cool, place in a cool spot such as in the refrigerator or outside.


I hope you like this recipe! It's so simple yet so addicting!

What are you making for Halloween?

Are you a candy corn lover or hater?


Halloween Movie Musts

To me, one of the best and most efficient ways to get in the holiday spirit is through classic seasonal movies. I love settling in with a bunch of snacks, a few drinks and a stack of films to get through. Though the likelihood of that happening anytime in the near future is sparse, I can still dream, right? If I had my way, or if Penelope was old enough, I'd dedicate a whole weekend to decorating, making pumpkin cookies and watching this entire list!

This first group is what I like to call 'Halloween Lite'. These movies are more family-friend, not necessarily scary, and just a good time!

Hocus Pocus - a true classic to me. I love this movie so much and if you just don't get why, see this list.

The Addams Family - a stellar cast and a good enough story. Plus they're scary and they're spooky!

Ghostbusters - another classic. I love both I and II but if I only get to pick one, I'd have to go with the original.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - not really Halloween per se, but it evokes that dark, spooky spirit. It's just a fun movie with pretty fabulous soundtrack which is worth watching for alone.

The next group are some classic scary movies that some deep, dark part of me really loves to watch!

Halloween - there's nothing like the original. I've seen it many times yet it still manages to get under my skin.

Psycho - it's the quintessential scary movie, the film that defined a genre. And it still puts me on edge to shower when I'm home alone.

Scream - the first scary movie that I ever saw (and in a theater!) and the opening scene is still one of my all time favorites! You know, in a really morbidly thrilling kind of way.

The Exorcist - totally over the top and let's face it, it's totally dated. But when Reagan walks backwards down the stairs with those green eyes and scarred face? Ugh I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

Nosferatu - the original Dracula and a silent film to boot, yet still manages to be quite scary in it's old age.

The Shining - just a story of a creeptastic hotel and the inhabitants who slowly go crazy there. oh and some dead people too.


And finally, since I'm always on the look out for some new things, here are a few movies that I'd love to see for the first time this year:

The Birds

In Cold Blood

The Amityville Horror

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre


What are your Halloween movie musts?