Photo Journal: Jenkinson's Boardwalk

We spent a recent fall Saturday taking the kids on the rides at Jenkinson’s Boardwalk in Point Pleasant. It is THE place to go for shore food, rides and fun.

It’s become an end of shore season tradition - heading to the boardwalk to ride the rides, devour some boardwalk eats, and pick up some sweets!

jenkinsons boat

I wasn’t sure if Henry would be big enough for the rides, but once we arrived, it was clear that there was NO way he wasn’t going on the rides. He was practically leaping out of his stroller.

jenkinsons fire truck

Penelope is sort of in between the kiddie rides and the big rides. She was very content to take Henry on the rides, and I’m glad she got one last year on the kiddie stuff. Next year she will for sure exceed the maximum height limit. And I’m already crying.

jenkinsons trucks
jenkinsons trucks2
jenkinsons carousel
jenkinsons gators
jenkinsons family

I’m so glad that I stopped a stranger and asked her to snap a quick photo of all of us. I am usually the one behind the camera and I rarely do this because I don’t want to bother anyone and don’t want to seem vain. But, now that I have this picture after the fact, I’m SO happy I did! We weren’t on a big vacation and it wasn’t a momentous occasion - just a normal Saturday out doing something fun as a family. I know someday my kids will be so happy to have photos of all of us together. I’m going to make an effort to do that more.

jenkinsons shaun henry
jenkinsons trucks3

Back on the trucks. This was by far Henry’s favorite ride!

jenkinsons rachel penelope
jenkinsons apples
jenkinsons kohr bros

It was such a fun day, and I’m so glad we’ve started to make this an annual post summer tradition!

Also past Jenkinson’s fun giving me all the feels.

A Chilly Weekend Guide

This happens to be the first weekend of the last many for which I have very minimal plans. Tonight I'll be hitting up my favorite happy hour and then spending the night catching up on Dexter, Survivor, & Fringe on DVR and True Blood On Demand. Since the rest of my weekend is fairly open, I'll be debating between lots of fun events in and outside of Manhattan to keep me busy on this chilly October weekend.

Ulysses' Folk House . 58 Stone Street/98 Pearl Street
I must admit, I had a difficult time finding any Oktoberfest celebrations, let alone a good one. Ulysses' Folk House seems pretty promising. Located on legendary Stone Street, stop by Saturday October 3rd for live oompah music (love), street fun (not sure what this means, but am hoping it involves Lederhosen) and traditional food (beers and brats!). If for nothing else, I highly recommend checking out Ulysses for the fabulous location on the "first paved street in Manhattan".

Chowderfest . Beach Haven . Long Beach Island, NJ
If you're just kind of over New York and longing for some serious Fall-ness, on Sunday October 4th head down the Jersey shore for some chowdah! An annual event officially closing out the Long Beach Island summer, Chowderfest features street vendors, beach store closeout sales, live music and a clam chowder cookoff unlike any other around. One side of the outdoor bayside setup features New England style (that's the white) while the other features Manhattan style (that's the red). Designated by color-coded tents, each chowder style generally boasts 10 local restaurant competitors. You can see the complete list of competitors here. For a general admission of $20 each, sample all the chowdah you can handle and end the day with a vote for your favorite red and white. Winners get bragging rights, so vote carefully.

Starbucks Freebies
Starbucks on: My corner . Your corner . Everyone's corner
Kick off both Saturday and Sunday mornings with free java this weekend.In case you haven't heard, obnoxiously globalized and overrated-for-their-basic-coffee Starbucks has launched a new instant coffee brand called VIA. From today through Monday, stop in your local Starbucks for a free tall VIA coffee. Though I'm more of a pumpkin spice latte/caramel apple cider/salted caramel hot chocolate kind of girl, a free coffee could be enough to get me into the store.