Lately I've Been

...picking up this amazingly sweet 'Made in Jersey City' onesie for Baby H. Thanks to Kanibal Home in Jersey City and Nightingale Projects for the tip! Though this is technically the boy's version, I just love the little tugboat! And I think it will be sweet with pink pants.


...continuing to bake up a storm (but I think I'm just about cookied out at this point! The baking part, not the eating part!)


...getting my mis en place on

...reminscing about great times at The Stone Pony in my pre-adult, iron stomach days


...celebrating Christmas a little early with my Dad's side of the family

...eating lunchtime latkes


...continuing with nursery progress & crib assembly the rest of the country, feeling ill, horrified, numb and about 100 other emotions over the Newtown tragedy. Unfathomable. I cried for hours on Friday evening and am left wondering how to live in a world where this could happen. I don't want to write a full post about this, but I'd be remiss to not take a moment for it. Praying for Newtown.


What have you been up to lately?