Five Things Friday

Hi friends! Sorry I left you hanging yesterday. I just don't really know where this week has gone! I've been incredibly busy at work and at home, so I'm sorry for choosing to sleep in my poor planning skills of late.

But anyway.

It's Friday! Hooray! I'm doing the happy dance up in here. And the long weekend is making me super happy, not to mention that the Giants AND the Golden Globes are on Sunday evening. Yay! And because it's Friday, here are my five things!

A-mazing readers

My blogging platform doesn't allow me to respond directly to comments when you leave them, but I just want to say that your kind words on my 'In 2012' post still have me smiling from ear to ear. Thank YOU for reading and for making my blog one that I love to write everyday. I heart you :)

Maybooks Agenda

My mom gifted me with this for Christmas and I love it so much. It's personalized and the pages are outlined by day of the week with spaces for mini-lists. Not to mention that its a skinny book that can fit in just about any purse without taking up a ton of room.


Under Armour Running Capris

I've been wearing these to the gym and loving them. They are fitted but not too tight. It feels like you're wearing...well, nothing. And that's how I like it ;)


Low(er) carb dinners that rock

We whipped up this roasted chicken breast with pesto (frozen from the summer days) and a bit of mozzarella cheese. Mixed with some roasted asparagus, it was a fantastic meal. It's all low carb and low fat. And 100% delicious.

Essie Cocktail Bling

I have a weird obsession with all things gray, but I love that this is slatey but happy. If that makes sense. I'm rocking it right now and can't help but stare at my own nails.

So there you have it! My five things for today.

Questions of the Day:

What are your things this week?

What are your weekend plans?

I have a dentist appt, will be watching the Giants & Golden Globes and then going out for restaurant week lunch with Shaun on Monday. All good things! Well, except for that whole dentist thing...