In 2014...

...I hope to:

Drink more water {not just a diet of coffee, tea & soda}

Do less {planned activities seemingly clog up every moment of every weekend}

Blog more {I miss it}


Ring in the first birthday of my sweet baby doll {how is this possibly happening in one month? She is 11 months old today}



Continue to work on my photo-taking skills {tips for indoor/low-light shots are welcome}

Start cooking again {I miss it}



Continue to admire this {and work on getting over season 6}


Spend time with friends {never do this enough}

Go on dates with my husband {get dressed up, put on make up, hold hands}

Organize my digital media & files {that Gmail isn't going to clean itself out}

Worry less {I have serious anxiety by nature}

Go on vacation {and unplug}

Enjoy just being {especially when that includes sweet snuggles}


Here's to a great year ahead!