Oktoberfest Dinner Menu

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Hi friends. It's Monday!

Insert happy or sad face?

I'm rocking a happy face this morning for a number of reasons. First, I have off from work today. A giant hurrah to that! Secondly, I am spending the day with my Mom. Cue the party hats! And thirdly, I had such a nice weekend. Shaun and I literally had nothing planned this past weekend and it was so fun to relax, sleep in, do some things around the house and just enjoy having no obligations. We likey.

On Friday, we made pizza and caught up on our DVR (that thing is getting full!). Saturday we took a trip to a little pumpkin farm where we purchased a whole lotta apples, gourds, cider and cider doughnuts. It was such a gorgeous day!

On Saturday evening, we had planned to make an Oktoberfest dinner for two.


We went all out to create this German-inspired dinner and we were thrilled with how everything turned out!

Oktoberfest Menu


Potato Pancakes

Red Cabbage & Apple Slaw

Warm Apple & Cranberry Strudel

Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale

Though it did take some time to prepare everything, it was soooo worth it! We stepped out of our comfort zone with this dinner in that every dish was a new one to us.


I took on the schnitzel, the cabbage and the strudel while Shaun worked the potato pancakes. Though traditional schnitzel would use veal or pork, but since Shaun doesn't eat pork and I typically don't eat veal (unless I'm in Eastern Europe), I decided to go with thin-sliced chicken breasts, breaded, shallow fried and topped with a mushroom and onion gravy. Perhaps chicken isn't traditionally german, but it worked for us! For the side dishes, I made a super easy cabbage and apple slaw while Shaun grated potatoes and made giant pancakes. They turned out so fantastically, especially with a bit of mushroom and onion gravy on top :)


For dessert, I made an extremely easy strudel. Again, not 100% traditional, but it's so warm and appley that I'm sure you won't mind. I've got that recipe coming at you this week!


So that's how we got down with our Oktoberfest dinner. Oh and I almost forgot to mention that we sipped on Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale to get into the flavors of the season. It wasn't quite pumpkiny enough for my tastes, but I suppose it did the job. We even broke out das boot for the occasion!

So there you have it. Our little Oktoberfest dinner. Oh and does anything really say Oktoberfest like animal print placemats? Yeah, I didn't think so :)

Questions of the Day:

How did you spend the weekend?

Have you, or are you, getting down with any Oktoberfest celebrations?

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