Oscar Night

Happy Monday kids! Shaun and I had a film-filled weekend. We spent Saturday eating way too much popcorn at the AMC Best Picture Showcase viewing 4 best picture nominees. It was SO fun! The day kicked off with Winter's Bone, followed by Black Swan, Inception and The Social Network. The day was topped off with The King's Speech which we skipped out on since we had seen it a few weeks ago. Plus the 2 barrels of popcorn and bucket of diet Coke left us feeling not-so-much after 8 hours.

I think my favorite movie of the day was Black Swan.

It was haunting, but fantastically done. The camera work alone was Oscar-worthy in its conveyance of Nina's meltdown. I had super low expectations of this film (since I am still haunted by Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream...eek.), but I ended up really, really liking this one. I also thoroughly enjoyed Winter's Bone (which we knew absolutely nothing about before we saw it) and The Social Network (which I had no expectations for). My least favorite was Inception. It seemed a bit disjointed and I honestly just didn't 'get' it. I wanted to though! Anyone else with opinions on these films? I will say that my top 2 movies of the year were The King's Speech and The Fighter, followed by Black Swan and then The Social Network.

The Oscar weekend culminated at a little Oscar party with my mom and my cousin Veronica on Sunday night at my parent's house. We kept the night light and healthy with some delicious eats. We made cheesy, low carb tortilla pizzas...


Shrimp cocktail...


and a lightened up chicken Caesar salad...


Before getting super sleepy on the couch, Mom and I made some tea and snacked on her newest creation, healthy coffee cake muffins!

These were so good and a perfect sweet treat to top off the night! I slept at my parents house and now I get to drive into work with my Dad, our old tradition that was lost after I got married and moved out of the house. Before Shaun and I got married, I lived with my parents and would drive into Manhattan every morning with my dad. We were both so sad when our daily tradition was broken, so it's very fun to dabble in this again, if even for a day!

So that's my Monday story. What did you do this weekend? What was your favorite movie this year?