My Go-To Dinners of Late

I'll admit it. As of late, I've kind of gotten into a cooking rut. I'm not interested in trying new recipes, have no desire to get creative, and I barely have time to prepare anything in advance for the week ahead. 

When I get into said ruts, it's all about my go-to dinner staples. 

We all have them.

The dinner options that you can always throw together because you generally have the appropriate ingredients on hand. The ones that take hardly any time (leaving lots of time for the couch and Jeopardy-watching). The ones that are healthy enough that you can get away with them on a weeknight.

I think we could all use more of these, don't you think? 

I'm rounding up some of my favorites...the ones that have been making frequent appearances on my weekly meal plans. I'm just waiting for the day when Shaun proclaims that he simply cannot eat another pizza derivation of he will straight up revolt. Until then...

Homemade pizza

Skillet tortilla pizzas


Black bean quesadillas

Meatloaf (quite possibly my favorite)

Skillet chicken parmesean

Shrimp sautee with orzo


Easy enchiladas

BBQ chicken skillet pizza (recipe coming soon!)


So there you have it. Some simple dinners I'm loving lately.

What are your go-to dinners?

Link up some new dishes in the comments!