A few weeks back, I polled you all to see which TOMS you liked best. After much careful consideration, I went with the Oahu for their bright colors and whimsical, summery pattern that could match so many ensembles. Well, they finally arrived yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I love them so much more in person! They are so darn cute and surprisingly comfortable for such a high wedge (though it is also a platform, so that helps). Since I love them so much, I'm actually considering also getting the ikat print as well since my summer shoe collection is in dire need of updating anyway...er, or so I tell myself ;)




What summer shoes are you loving lately?


How do your feet handle high heels?

Five Things Friday

Oh hi (!)

Sorry I left you hanging yesterday. Unfortunately when you leave editing photos to your last task of publishing a blog post and your dinosaur of a computer decides to simply refuse to cooperate and you end up spilling hot water down your pretty skirt while trying to steam it and get a run in your pantyhose the minute you run out the door to make it in time for a big meeting...sometimes the blog post doesn't make it live.

Not that any of that happened to me yesterday.

Ok, maybe it did.

Why is it that on the days when I try to take it up a notch in how I look for a big meeting do I end up as a giant hot mess?! Gah!

Anyhow, I was going to tell you about banana bread muffins yesterday...but they will have to wait until Monday. Sorry! Instead, enjoy my five things!


animal print heels

My mom talked me into buying these and I really love them. They are pretty comfortable and just give an extra oomph to any outfit, especially my standard black or gray uniform.



Admittedly, I don't think I've seen any of the best picture noms this year...woops! Somehow time got away from me and here we are at the end of February. Either way, I still love watching the glamour and love using it as an excuse to spend a fun night on the couch eating snacks with my mom.



OPI's Holland Collection

I think I love every polish in this collection, but if I had to pick one, I'd go with Dutch Ya' Just Love OPI? So pretty. Now I have to start hunting these down...


banana bread muffins

I made these for you! And can't wait to share them on Monday. 4 Points+ each.




bright skinny jeans

ahhhh spring please get here! I really need to own a pair of these...in like 10 colors!


So that's what I'm loving this week!

What are your five things?

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