Free Soda

Topping off our super duper lazy Sunday yesterday, Shaun and I ordered pizza. Naturally, the perfect way to continue a lazy day. You didn't think I was cooking did you?

When the delivery man got to our apartment, he first handed me a plastic container with cold liquid in it. My first thought who ordered cold soup? He told me that we got 'free soda' with our pizza order.

Um...whaaaaa? Really? A plastic container, usually reserved for Chinese take out, filled with soda and ice? What happened to a good old-fashioned 20 oz bottle? You know, with a sealed cap?


Something tells me there's not a chance I'll be drinking that.

Then, I wondered if drinking that soda was so different than eating the pizza that we had ordered. It's not like the pizza was sealed for freshness. But something about it is...weird.

What do you think? Would you drink the free soda?