This Week... (Naked palette, Big Love + New Glasses)

...I finally broke in my Urban Decay Naked palette...gorg.

...I spent 30 minutes removing Deborah Lippman’s glittery Happy Birthday nail polish from my nails. That was a tough one.

...Shaun and I decided that we officially like Big Love after 4 or 5 episodes. It was a rocky start, but I think we are ready to commit to the series. Love everyone on this show! And also love that I’ve already spotted 3 actors who also just so happened to star on my beloved (and short-lived) Veronica Mars - anyone? anyone?

...I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and realized that I never shared my Pineapple Coconut Dream Bars with you. Let’s forget how sick that is, ok? I have a lot going on. But it happened. And I’m sorry that I’ve deprived you...please expect this bit of yum on Monday morning.

...I got new glasses...not too shabby, right? My last pair was from 10 years and 2 prescriptions ago. Not so good.

...I made these ah-mazing Golden Grahams cookies...and next week you can bid to win a batch at The Sunday Sweet’s bake sale to benefit OC Walk to Remember. Head over there on Monday Aug 1!

...I saw Friends with Benefits. I thought it was great and funnier than I originally imagined it would be. I love Mila Kunis. I finally get why everyone loves Justin Timberlake so much. He’s adorable. And funny. And adorable.

...Alex at Yums and Loves is featuring my Chocolate Cherry Smoothie as part of her no-bake recipe roundup. Check out all the deliciousness on her blog!

...I launched a new venture with my sisters! In case you missed it, the 3 of us will now be blogging over at The Peach & The Pit! Please check it out. I think you’ll like it. (TAA will continue as usual)

...I read A Stolen Life by Jaycee Dugard. Holy wow. If any of you are interested in hearing about it, I’d be happy to review it for ya, just give me a shout!

While we’re talking about all the fun of this week, I’d love to take a moment for next week. On Sunday morning, I am heading down to Aruba with Shaun and my family. I really am so excited for this trip. We usually go in early July, but pushed it back this year because Kimberly just took the Bar this week (yay Kimmi!!). I cannot wait to get my eat, drink, lay and read on in paradise. I have some fun posts and guest posts lined up for you next week, so be sure to drop in!

Until then, have a great weekend friends!! August here we come!

A New Project + A Good Day

Hi friends!

I have to admit. I slept terribly last night. I'm still pretty tired today. But I don't care. Today is going to be a great day! And a great week to boot!

First of all, I could barely sleep last night if only due to a big announcement that I just couldn't wait to tell you about this morning. Along with my sisters Kimberly & Christine, we've started a brand new, shiny blog! Cue the paper streamers and party horns!

It's called The Peach & The Pit Of It ( Be prepared to hear from all 3 of us over there, talking about all kinds of things that we love and happenings in our very different lives. I talk about my sisters all the time on TAA, so I'm psyched that now you can hear directly from them too! So many of you have been such wonderful supporters of my blog and I hope that you will also check out our new venture :) I promise it will be a fun one!

Oh and don't worry...The Avid Appetite will continue as usual! I love this blog and all of you. It's my heart & soul and I just wouldn't ditch you all like that :) So keep reading. Please?

So with that in mind, I'm pretty excited over a few other things today too:

1. Tonight I'm meeting up with some other fantastic NYC bloggers, including Lauren @ Keep it Sweet and Kris @ Young Married Chic. I can't wait to meet some new bloggers and find some new blogs to obsess over! I love blogging!

2. In less than a week, I'll be heading to Aruba for my annual family vacation! {jumping up & down with excitement!}

3. I found a new breakfast that I'm obsessed with. It includes oats with a twist. And I promise, I will not become one of those bloggers who posts about oatmeal every day. I promise.

4. It's the return of DIY iced coffee! Ok, this one is significantly less exciting than the rest of the list...but I'm really looking forward to it this morning.

So that's what's going on with me. What kind of breakfast are you digging today? What's going on with you today? This week? How was your weekend?!