Wednesday Things

So I was planning on telling you about marshmallows today. Unfortunately, my computer is still all kinds of messed up and I think (slash I hope) that it will be a simple system upgrade. And even more unfortunately, I tried to do that last night, however, my computer doesn't have enough memory for the upgrade. So I tried to move everything to my external hard drive so I could free up some memory (most of it is on there anyway, but I wanted to confirm before deleting anything...) however, my old as dirt computer now refuses to read my hard drive. So I can not only not upgrade my system, but I can't access my hard drive (and photos) either. Le sigh.

Instead, I'll just do a Wednesday Things post where I tell you all about what I'm happy about, mmmk? I like that idea better anyway ;)

1. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping! Yippeee! I actually love holiday shopping and gift giving. It's so fun to find great gifts for people I love. I think that means tonight will be a gift wrapping evening...and perhaps I can convince my husband to watch a Christmas movie...I'm eyeing this one...

2. There's still time to enter the homemade holiday goodies giveaway! I've been collecting some fun stuff to send the winner (not to mention lots of homemade goods), so if you haven't entered to win yet, you have until midnight!

3. Last night Shaun and I stumbled upon a special about Yellowstone National Park on Planet Green, which we happily watched. We had visited the park last summer and it was one of the best trips I've ever been on. I had no idea what to expect before we went, and it was truly an amazing place. One spot is more beautiful than the next...and the animals are like nothing I'd ever seen before in person.


4. Yesterday, I geeked out at Butter Lane Bake Shop. They named me their blogger of the week, so of course I had to go and buy some cupcakes see my name in lights chalk. Such a cute place and their cupcakes are heavenly. My good friend Lauren was kind enough to accompany me, play photographer and of course, add a frosting shot to our coffee (apparently that's their idea of 'creamer'...and if that's wrong, I don't want to be right).

5. I'm thinking of running a virtual bake sale/auction after the holidays. My cousin Jessica, who is just 22-years-old, was recently diagnosed with leukemia a few weeks ago and we are all doing what we can to support her and raise some money for her medical bills. Would you be interested in baking something for a potential sale? Or buying from a sale? You wouldn't have to be a blogger...just a kind and willing person who could make a batch of baked goods and be willing to ship them to your highest bidder...please let me know! If I get enough people, I'd love to make this happen! I know the holidays are incredibly busy, but perhaps in January? Jess needs our help!


6. I'm trying to get into drinking herbal tea. Thoughts on this?

7. Who is watching American Horror Story? Anyone? I am finally caught up on this season and am loving every second of this show! I cannot believe that it will come to a close next week. Please don't post any spoilers in the comments, but I'll open up a discussion on the Facebook page if you want to discuss. My mind, for one, was blown. I even just love the opening credits. To me, good opening credits are of huge importance. The music alone gives me the heebee jeebs.


8. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo comes out next week. I'm so beyond down with this that I can't even tell you. Every time a trailer comes on for it, I make Shaun stop the fast forward button so I can watch it. (I promise, it hasnt gotten old for him ;)) It looks remarkably dark, which is just how it should be. Ah I can't wait!


9. I'm thinking of making this as my main dish for Friday evening. Perhaps served over orzo? I like.

10. I need coffee stat. I think today = Dunkin' Donuts coffee day!

So that's what's happening with me on this Wednesday.

Questions of the Day:

What are your Wednesday things?

Did you enter the giveaway yet? Thanks to those who did! It's turning out to be the most entries ever for a giveaway I've hosted! Keep 'em coming!!


What About Me Wednesday: Monogram Love

Hi, my name is Rachel and I have a small obsession with monograms.

Call me weird, but show me anything emblazoned with an R or an H and I will simply have to have it. I'm not sure what it is, but I simply love anything personalized like that. Perhaps it's because I feel like they were made just for me? (were they not? ;))My love for the monogram is evidenced by my extensive collection of all things lettered, and for today's What About Me Wednesday, I'm giving you a glimpse into my obsession...

Number one on my list: my Helen Ficalora gold initial charm necklaces.


I love these so very much. I gave these as bridesmaids gifts from my wedding and then my mom gifted me with one of my own...a nice, shiny R. To my delighted surprise, Shaun added to my collection with an H charm on our wedding day to signify my new last name. You may see these in many a photo of me (because I wear them all the time!) and even in my profile photo on the side bar.



I have a thin gold bracelet with a cursive R on it...a piece that all of the women in my family own (with their own initial, of course). This is one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and it always feels so special to wear because I feel like I'm somehow connected to my mom, sisters, aunts and cousins.


Our wedding cake topper was a giant, crystal studded H atop our whimsical blue polka dot cake. Purdy.


I dig my Anthro Misses tea cup! It's just cute and makes me want to drink tea all the time.


Shaun and I even own a pair of MTA beanie bears (signifying the NYC subway lines) in yellow R and gray S from way back in the day. We bought these one day while strolling the streets of NYC when we were in college. I have these tucked away in a box somewhere, but it will be fun to pull them out someday when we have a baby, and maybe even add to the collection with a new initial.


And now, I'm seriously crushing on this monogrammed ring from Laurel Treasures' Etsy Shop (which just so happen to be stacked as my initials backwards)...


So that's the tale of my monogram love. I'm sure there are others around this place that I'm forgetting, but these are the ones that stand out to me! Call me crazy but there's nothing like a solid letter to make my day.

Questions of the Day:

Do you own anything monogrammed? Spill it! Maybe I'll add it to my wish list :)

Do you gravitate toward any particular style, pattern or color?

5 Things Making Me Happy Today

Somehow, I find it so easy to fall into a rut. Sometimes, I get a case of the blues. I hate that. Especially when it's seemingly (on the surface at least) for no reason. When this happens, I realize that I have 2 choices. To continue wallowing...or to snap myself out of it and be happy for all the big - and little - things that are good in life.

As Barney Stinson would say, "When I get sad, I stop being sad, and be awesome instead... True story!"

So here's a few things making me happy today!

cherry crumble for one. Ah the power of food. It makes everything better. Especially when it combines warm, sugary fruit with a buttery, oat-laden topping. Oh and the whipped cream is a must!


farmer's market. They make me happy and think of chunky sweaters and Uggs and trolling around with a burning hot cup of hot cider. Oh and they are just pretty.


pretty homemade party favors. My mom and Kim made these little cakes in jars as party favors for Kim's graduation party. They are so cute and delicious. They just make me happy.


fall tv. I'm Rachel and I'm a television addict. (And I'm not the only one!). I'm so sad that True Blood is over, but I can't wait for my returning shows. Topping my list? Castle, Fringe, Parenthood and Boardwalk Empire.


football is back in my life. The cheering, beer drinking, lounging, eating and jersey wearing has arrived in all of its glory. It's good.

So that's what's doing it for me this week.

Question of the Day:

What's making you happy today?


psst...Christine's talking about her own TV obsesh today on The Peach & The Pit...hope you'll tune in!