Thursday Thoughts

I am having a love affair with the weather this week. It's crisp, cool and makes me crave a pumpkin spice latte each afternoon.



Too bad I already had my one treat for the season. At $5.17 a pop, I shed a few tears when I paid for that one.  It's DIY pumpkin syrup or bust from now on.

I decided that every day during lunchtime I'm going to take a walk. Do you do this during the work day? Sometimes I feel like it's not possible, but honestly, there is no reason why I can take 10 minutes to walk a few blocks. Exercise + mental well-being = good.


Being pregnant makes you (well, actually me) do crazy things. In addition to list after list after list in my notebook and on my computer, I am continuously having minor panic attacks about projects that need to get done in my house. Did you know that I cannot possibly give birth unless I have organized all of my 2011 and 2012 photos (thousands) into photo books, hang artwork on all of the empty walls in my apartment and create an over-the-door wrapping paper storage solution for our den closet? That's normal, right? I'm thinking something reminiscent of this Container Store option:

And speaking of wrapping paper, if you have any ideas for this grand plan of mine, I'd love to hear them. I'm obsessing over this amazing transformation from IHeart Organizing. And if you don't read Jenny's site...dude, get on that. You will never feel worse about your own organizational skills or more motivated to get your sh*t together.


I also had a meltdown every single evening this week. My poor husband. He's so nice about it. I'm all like 'I hate everything in life! Except you and Baby H! But everything else! The universe is against me in everything I try to do!'

And he just calmly shakes his head in agreement and tells me that next week will be better. And then he makes me dinner. 

Meanwhile, part of my meltdown(s) stemmed from not having clothing that I like. I know when you are pregnant, people tell you to just buy bigger clothes or work with what you've got. But no way. When you seemingly hit rock bottom, the credit card comes out. I may have gone one a little shopping binge this week and purchased the following (among many other things):


Maternity Dot Print Top via LOFT Maternity

Cobalt Bib via Bauble Bar


On the bright side, I feel great today!

Oh and while we're on the subject of shopping binges, do you know how cute baby clothes are? No, seriously. The little hats and booties are enough to make my heart want to burst. I held out so long from buying baby clothes, but this week the flood gates opened. Be still my heart.


Little Me Footie & Hat via Nordstrom



Lastly, I'm super excited for the Cannon sisters to be reunited this weekend after 2 months (!!) as Christine will be home from school for my cousin Veronica's wedding on Saturday (!!). So excited to celebrate with everyone!


What's going on with you on this Thursday?

Thursday Thoughts

1. It's absolutely 100% weather perfection this week. 70 degrees and sunny with big fluffy white clouds. Just cool enough for boots and a long sleeve shirt or light jacket. Yes please and thank you.

2. Speaking of boots, I am so happy that I get to wear these now:

Shaun gave these to me for my birthday back in July and they've been taunting me sitting patiently under my bed for the last 2 months waiting to be rocked.

Oh and don't they seem slightly reminiscent of these totally kick-ass LA Gear Michael Jackson kicks of yore?

{Photo source}

I totally owned these and thought I was the coolest kid around. I'm pretty sure my mom still has them in a box in our basement (true or false, Mom?) and so I hope they come back around in style when my little girl is old enough to wear them. Did anyone else have these? I also recall that they came in white with gold studs...

3. Tuesday was National Cheeseburger Day. Shaun and I hopped on over to the White Mana Diner in Jersey City for some of their classic sliders. Super flat, thin patties with onions, cheese and pickles, it doesn't really get much better and there's nothing like a Jersey diner!

4. While we were eating, that whole scary tornado/flash flooding warning thing came to fruition and the power went out in the diner. We didn't mind. 

5. The Giants are playing tonight. I simultaneously love and hate night games. I love them because they are inevitably more exciting and I love cozying up on the couch with the window cracked and a fuzzy blanket to watch (without the guilt I feel about doing so on a Sunday afternoon). And I hate them because I inevitably can never stay awake to watch the whole game. They don't even start until 8:30 after all!


6. Oh and side note - don't you think my baby will need to own something like this? Just don't tell Dad.


7. Meanwhile, tonight's game day eats will consist of some of this yummy mango hot pepper jam that I picked up on our trip to Lewes, DE a couple of weeks back (of which I still need to do a recap!). Spread atop crackers with a little bit of cream cheese, this is totally tops.



8. Please give a vote to my friend Lauren, founder of Keep It SweetDesserts, a finalist in the Martha Stewart American Made contest, where she has a chance to win some major moola to grow her dessert business! It takes 2 seconds! Her desserts are certifiably swoon worthy :)

9. I'm ready for a weekend filled with birthday parties, dinners with friends and some baby registering. Why is it only Thursday?!


Hope you are all having a great week! What are your thoughts and things on this Thursday?

Thursday Thoughts

I haven't cooked anything exciting since Easter. I just haven't been into it and have been making dishes just to get through the week. I'm hoping for a reinvigoration in the kitchen this weekend! I feel like I need a full-blown, therapeutic baking sesh. Pronto.

Dick Clark died, which makes me so sad. New Year's Eve just won't be the same.

I dove directly into 50 Shades of Grey...whew! I am not only obsessed but feel a little wrong for being obsessed. Something tells me I will easily finish it before the weekend. Thanks to all of you who weighed in on this recommendation!

I'm 100% getting my favorite 92Y Tribeca breakfast this morning. I am doing it. You can't stop me.

Shaun and I have been eating a ton of salad. As I mentioned yesterday, we have been making giant salads, filled with veggies, chicken, hardboiled egg whites and other delicious things. I'll tell you more about it next week.

My new TV obsession? Giuliana & Bill. Do any of you watch this show? It's on Style Network. First of all...I adore her. She is beautiful inside and out, keeps it real and is an inspiration to all women! Secondly, Bill is adorable. And lastly...similar to why I adore Ice Loves Coco...they seems like a normal married couple. It's refreshing. This season has been especially heartbreaking as they fight not only infertility but her breast cancer.


I can't wait to get our new dressers this weekend. I'm talking about it here in case you missed it.

I've also had a hankering for some Indian food lately. I think I know what we'll be ordering in on Friday evening...

So that's it for me today. Sorry this week has been less than exciting. I need a little kitchen inspiration!

How do you stay inspired in the kitchen, or just in life in general?

What are some of your thoughts today?