Penelope Jane: 12 - 18 Months

I know...what the what?!

I haven't decided if I'm more disturbed by the fact that Penelope is turning 18 months (tomorrow!), or that I haven't done a real update on her since she was 11 months old. Oops.

My sweet little love...where do I begin?


On the move:

Over the last bunch of months, Penelope has really done so much growing. On her first birthday, she was crawling (though this was more of a three-legged move, with one leg dragging behind her) and standing, but that was about it. She took her first steps just a few weeks later and by now, well she is straight up running. If she isn't running down the hallways in our apartment building, she is strutting her stuff like she owns the joint. Don't even think about putting her in the stroller because the girl on a mission.


This girl has a serious case of FoMo (Fear of Missing Out...capitalized!). She is a little party girl, and just as she hated to nap as an infant, she also doesn't care for it as a toddler. It's often a fight to get her to nap, but at the same time, she really, really needs them. She wants to be the center of attention and doesn't miss a thing. She is rambunctious, smiley and just an all around happy girl.


Penelope has more toys than I care to count. She loves her chunky puzzles (though she can't quite fit the pieces into their respective homes, she knows where they go), her Sesame Street play kitchen, ride-on toys, and lately, her coloring book and crayons. I love these mess-free marker and coloring book sets...perfect for an 18 month old! Mom loves coloring with these too. She also loves her 'Dolly' and sleeps with her every night. 




In the food department, Penelope continues to be a really great eater. This summer, she really loves blueberries and tomatoes. Eggs, hummus, bell peppers, and pasta continue to be staples. She still loves her yogurt melts and in the snack department, also enjoys Annie's bunny grahams, YumOrganics fruit snacks. She is also learning to eat from pouches, which makes things a little easier for me and she seems to enjoy it. P is also using her spoon and fork (sometimes insisting on a real, metal fork, not her plastic baby fork) and drinking from a sippy cup! Lil' Miss Independent, for sure.



In the speaking department, Penelope said her first word on her birthday. She pointed to me and said "Momom." Bless her heart. Since then, she says Da (dad), wawa (water), Uh (uh oh), Wow!, Oooooh!, down, more and some others when prompted (like Nom! when I said 'Yum!'). She also shakes her head yes and no (mostly no...a lot).


Other stuff:

Penelope continues to love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She also loves movies including Despicable Me, Brave, Cars, Frozen, Tangled and Monsters, Inc. At bath time, she has started pouring water from cup to cup. She refuses to actually sit in the bathtub, which always makes me nervous, but it is what it is. She can climb long staircases and is learning how to go down the stairs. Not quite there just yet, but she at least seems to know that stairs are dangerous and she stops at the top of them to try and figure out how to get down. She is so curious as to how things work...always wanting to figure out how a box of raisins opens and closes, or how the cap screws on and off of her Gerber fruit pouch.


We are having such a fun summer. We flew on an airplane, spent a week in Aruba, played with a new water table (her fave) and have spent a few Saturdays at the splash park!

Time continues to fly by but I'm loving every moment. P will head back to daycare on Monday. Mom will cry. And we'll have a whole new routine to get used to. And in the meantime, happy half birthday to my sweet, happy, snuggly little babe!

Have a great weekend! What are your plans?

11 Months


Well...this is my last update before Penelope's first birthday. She is eleven months old now and she is really starting to seem like a big girl.


The biggest update is that just a few days before Christmas, Penelope started standing. Cue the tears, and in more ways that one. Not only is she growing up, but she now needs to be completely supervised at all more putting her down and thinking she won't move anywhere!


Since then, it feels like she gets more grown-up every day. She crawls right over to something and pulls herself right up. In the last couple of days, she has even started showing off quite a bit by only holding on with one hand.


We haven't started the full on baby proofing (but will in the next few weeks), but we did begin replacing some of our DVDs and other junk in our media unit baskets with Penelope's toys. She absolutely loves this! It's amazing how fast she learned that all of her stuff was in there. One of her favorite activities is to empty boxes and bins, and so this is perfect for her since she can stand right up, peer into the baskets, and remove what she pleases.


In the eating department, she continues to eat like a champ. Her favorite food these days seems to be watermelon, and her utter joy when getting to gobble up the tiny cubes totally justifies the $7 containers of pre-cut, out of season fruit. She also loves her pasta (like her mama!), veggies, eggs, yogurt, applesauce, and basically anything else we decide to give her. Last weekend I even gave her a little bit of pizza from my plate and she loved it (she is from Jersey, after all).


We celebrated Penelope's first Christmas, which was so fun and makes me beyond excited for the years to come. She got so many new toys which are so perfect for her age right now. She loves her instrument set, activity table, ride-on and little playsets the most right now. Anything with sound and lights just make her happy, especially a little egg-shaped maraca that she shakes and looks so pleased with herself. Santa brought her the B. Parum Pum Pum Drum set and it is adorable.





Penelope has continued to sleep really well at night, and naps continue to be really tough. The kid simply hates to nap, and I can't even complain since she sleeps for 10-11 hours overnight. 


Penelope still loves Mickey Mouse and so that will be the theme for her first birthday party! A few of you have asked and even suggested a 'Sweet P' theme, which I absolutely adore! I had originally planned to do something a little more color-themed (lavender and light blue, perhaps?), but I didn't see how I could not do a Mickey party, as it really just captures her love and excitement right now. I can't wait to share all of the details with you in just a few weeks!


On a personal note, I've been spending so much time over the last couple of weeks reminiscing about this time last year. Last January was such a momentous and expectant time as I was waiting to meet my precious little girl. It just continues to amaze me how much life has changed in the last year, and I don't ever want to forget those months of waiting for her arrival. It was such a special time in my life. I also had a great pregnancy, and so I never had that 'I can't wait for this to be over' feeling, even toward the end when I was enormous and not sleeping. I really soaked up every second...every nap, every indulgent Wendy's Frosty, every Saturday morning trip to the movies and every bit of prep that this tiny little person required. 


And here she is...all bundled up to brave the polar vortex and bringing joy to my life every single day. We're almost to your first whole year...pass the wine (in sadness and celebration).


10 Months

It feels like I just did an update on P, but here we are another month later.

Penelope is over 10 months old at this point and I swear she is changing everyday day.

I really love this photo of her, just a few days before her official 10 month birthday (on Thanksgiving!) so captures her personality right now. Happy, stuffing her little face with food and smiling that enormous, beautiful smile to show off those many pearly whites.

This month brought the full transition to finger foods. When she began flat out refusing to be spoon fed, I silently rejoiced because though letting her feed herself is a little scary (I have an unreasonable choking fear), it is also quite liberating. I really enjoyed cooking and pureeing food for Penelope, but finger food is soooooo much easier and so much fun.

My little cheese doodler

At this point, she is eating just about anything and everything that we eat. This includes mixed veggies, pasta, black beans, sweet potatoes, eggs, turkey, cranberry sauce on thanksgiving, ravioli, bread, bananas, melon, hummus on tiny bits of cracker...essentially anything that I'm eating or snacking on, if Penelope seems interested in it, she gets to try it. In Aruba, we even gave her a little ice cream! Though she made a strange face initially, she opened her piehole right up for more and started was love at first bite!

In the toy department, P is starting to love her interactive toys. Just this week, she is so enamored with her toy remote control. She is a great solo player...she will sit for quite some time in her playpen and just play with her toys. She also looooooves to jump!

Penelope is also a little crawling machine. She is so active and just wants to be on the go. Time for mom to start baby proofing!

Penelope continues to love Mickey! but we've gotten a small break with Finding Nemo, which she will tolerate.

This month also brought her first big trip - Aruba! We flew on a plane (4.5 hours each way), played in the pool and in the ocean, and went to lots of restaurants.

Bedtime continues to be a challenge (is it ever not, parents? Do these kiddos ever grow out if it?) We finally decided to just let her cry at bedtime and also if she wakes during the night and for the last few days that seems to be working alright.

Daycare continues to go well for us. I do wish that I had a little more time at home with her but we have found a workable groove...for now.

And here we are in her eleventh month. I'm already planning her first birthday party (Mickey Mouse themed of course) and will be sure to fill you in on those details as they develop!

Each day just gets better and better :)


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